аллочка (half_fiction) wrote in o_d_d_isorder,

I guess this is the time for introductions. My name is Allegra, although I also go by Ally. I am fifteen years old and in the eleventh grade. I skipped grade five. Somehow, in my fifteen years, I have managed to show symptoms of a number of psychological disorders including (but probably not limited to): Social Anxiety Disorder, Specific Phobia, Major Depressive Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. I don't really know what's wrong with me and due to the fact that I have been diagnosed with A LOT of things I tend to be somewhat skeptical. That's it for the niceties, I guess.

I feel like my head is going to explode. Lately, I haven't been going more than five minutes a day without feeling some extreme resentment toward at least one person. The other day I nearly got into a fight at school because this girl was blabbing and wouldn't shut up. It was the most obnoxious thing in the world. You should know this girl, she just talks and talks about nothing on end. It's all a bunch of nonsensically dull gossip. And then she has the nerve to tell YOU to shut up when you're not even being loud or annoying. I could have killed her.

Then there's this teacher that I have, for one reason or another, decided to go against full force. Everyday during class I have to nit-pick and and complain about every little detail. She had us watch The Joy Luck Club and I made this big show about how I hate watching movies based on books and blah blah blah. She still forced me to watch it. Instead of watching it though, I noisily took out my calculator and made sure to be right in her line of view when I turned on the video-game feature.

Even I get sick of all my ridiculous, defiant behaviour, the only problem is, I don't even feel in control over my body half the time. I mean, I've no idea why I get so angry I could burst over things like one little question in one little assignment when the answer didn't matter anyway. I don't feel like I have any control over the way I conduct myself. It's ridiculous.

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