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When I was 14 I got diagnosed with Oppositional Defiance Disorder: Moderate. I asked my Dr. if it would ever go away he said most likely not. I am 26 now I still have it and I was frustrated that there are no websites on ADULT ODD. Then when I went to find a community for ODD I didn't find anything. I'm in many communities for mothers on lj. And ive found them all quite helpful. So ive decided to be a forerunner and start a community for ODD.

Its intentions are to give People with ODD a place to vent and discuss the many frustrations of living with this disorder. Also if you are a parent with a child/children diagnosed with ODD you are welcome to join as well. You don't have to be a member to post.

I hope you enjoy the community. Email me if you have any suggestions for the community or anything. Thanks ^_^
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hah. wow. you really weren't kidding when you said not many people here have ODD. (I just clicked on the interest today, after you IMed me.) and. yeah.
um. okay. In case you're wondering and haven't checked, there are more people who have listed it as "oppositional defiant disorder."
kewl thanx
Thanks for starting this community. There is so little information and support for people with and families of people with this disorder.

My daughter has ODD. She was diagnosed at 14 and is now 19 and has a baby. She dropped out of high school (because we asked her not to) and cannot keep a job or an apartment. She lives night to night at whatever home will take her in, and will not let us care for her son (because we asked her if we could). She has caused such distruction on our family that she cannot live with us (we have other younger children at home) and yet there is no system we can get her into as a mostly homeless adult that will help her. She refuses all therapy and medical treatment.

It is difficult for us to understand how her mind works. Any suggestions as to how we can best help her are appreciated.
i was like that for a bit too but i put my son first and formost. course the shelter i was at wasnt nice and kept saying i wasnt "bonding wiht him" it was one of those that likes to take your kids and adopt them out for profit. anyways i viewd them as the authority and decided to defy them and prove i was a good mom and take care of him. and now i have an apartment (project based subsidized)

i dunno that might be a way to help out. i dunno about anybody else but i have this void thing if i have no one to defy and end up defying myself. i can ask my dr hes good at stuff like this. ill see if he has any suggestions.
You said "I have this void thing"....I think that's the part of my daughter I have trouble understanding.

It's wonderful the way your own defiance turned you into a good mom! I am hopeful that will happen to my child as well.

Thanks so much for helping....
Glad to see a community on this. My oldest has been diagnosed with it. I tried expressing my experiences and concerns in my own journal way back and was ridiculed by those who were on my flist. Glad to see that I am not the only one at lj effected by this. Granted, it is not me but worse...it is my son.
your welcome here anytime.. if we get "trolls" or anybody who decide to ridicule this journal ill make it friends only. so no worries!