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I am friend to a parent of a 5 yo with ODD and ADHD. He is very defiant, but wants to be so affectionate. Yes he destroys everything in his path. He is all the time taking things apart. For example, today he destroyed a brand new weed eater. He took all the screws off of it. She doesn't know how to deal with it. Counseling is seem to not be working properly for them. She stays at my home 5 days out of the week. Yet, he seems to be destroying all of my things. He goes into the kitchen and makes horrific messes. Mixes things together such as ketchup, mustard, salts, salsa, and other items. We do not know how to approach his behavior fully. How do we make him understand that no means no? I can't confine him to the house durning the daytime. I also have to keep up with his younger 2yo sister whom seems to be picking up some of the same traits. I don't know if it is following habiats or if she is herself has the disorder. How young is to young to be diagnosed with it? He is on medication, but it doesn't seem to affect him. He also has a sleeping disorder that follows along with it. He has to take Ritalin 20 mg, 5 mg of clonindine in the morning. And at night it is 5 mg of clonindine and the melatonin 3 mg. I worried for him. I am worried it is going to make her crash and burn. He is obstructing her life, but her love for her child is 100%. He is so much stress on her. And it is also hard for her to deal with the 2 yo too, along with his disorder. I need this community and I need lots of feedback. And suggestions I am open too. Has anything worked for you other parents? Does it ever subside? Does she have any hope of it being managed properly? I need a friend for myself to help my friend. Thank You. My name is Sallie. I live in North Carolina. And the child I deal with is 5 yo.
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